Exotic Bouquet

Makeup Bags

Tropical prints are a must-have for this season, we've taken this trend and given it a unique feminine twist. By using subtle leaf prints and a mix of gorgeous pink tones, we have created a beautifully exotic and effortlessly feminine collection.

If you want to see a particular product in more detail click on the images below:

Exotic Bouquet Beauty Bag

£10.49 £14.99

Exotic Bouquet Beauty Bag Small

£9.09 £12.99

Exotic Bouquet Boxy Bag Large

£10.49 £14.99

Exotic Bouquet Boxy Bag Small

£6.99 £9.99

Exotic Bouquet Shower Cap

£4.19 £5.99

Exotic Bouquet Paddle Brush

£4.89 £6.99

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